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Physician Dr. Laura Ferguson is an expert in her field, but her passion for excellent hospice care
and dedication to her patients make her an expert at doing more.

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Coping with terminal illness presents many challenges – physical, emotional, social and spiritual. 
The caring, experienced team of professionals at The Hospice of East Texas is prepared to meet
those challenges, and believes that no one, regardless of age, illness or financial circumstances,
should have to face death alone or in pain.

How do you begin receiving care from Hospice of East Texas? 

Just call us at 903-266-3400 or 1-800-777-9860.

If you think it's time for hospice care, just give us a call.  Our experienced and caring staff will talk with you, discuss options and the many ways we can help, answer your questions and schedule a time to meet with you personally.

You and your family do not have to face serious illness alone.

Hospice of East Texas has been caring for East Texas families for more than 40 years.  We know this is an intense and exhausting time, filled with many unknowns.

We are here to walk with you, every step of the way!

A note from the caregiver of a patient:  "Within 24 hours of signing the consent forms for my mom, she has:  a shower chair, a new bed, oxygen unit, mat on floor in case she falls out of bed, step-up plan for her meds, action plan for when she slips into CHF, nurse's aid that vill come Mon.-Fri., nurse visits, plus visits from chaplain and volunteers.  To say that I am indebted is an understatement."

Is it time for hospice care?

Hospice of East Texas is a nonprofit hospice. Does that matter?

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