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Five W's of Hospice Care

Who Is Eligible?

Any patient with a terminal illness resulting in a life expectancy of six months or less, as determined by the patient’s physician, is eligible for hospice care. The patient, in partnership with his or her family, the referring physician and the hospice team, makes the decision for hospice care, after a thorough review of all the options for care. Care is provided regardless of the patient’s age, diagnosis, or ability to pay.

When is it time?

The sooner hospice care begins, the sooner the patient and family are able to benefit from the full range of programs and services offered by the Hospice of East Texas. The time to choose hospice care is when the goal of treatment begins to shift from curing the illness to providing comfort. By contacting Hospice of East Texas early in the diagnosis, the patient and family reserve time to understand their options and choose the path that is best for them. The best time to learn about hospice care is before you or someone you love needs it.

What does care include?

The Hospice of East Texas provides care that focuses on the relief of suffering in all its forms:  physical, emotional, spiritual, and social.  Our team of professionals works with the patient and family to create a plan of care unique to their situation. That plan might include:

Hospice care is truly centered around the patient and family. The goal of the hospice team is to empower you to make your own choices, give you access to information and resources you need during this very challenging time, and provide support to everyone involved.

Where is hospice care provided?

Most hospice care takes place where the patient lives and where the patient is most comfortable. That might be their own home, a family member’s home, an assisted living or nursing facility throughout our 23 county service region.Click Here to learn more about Home Care from The Hospice of East Texas.

When care at home is not possible, Hospice of East Texas’ widely-acclaimed inpatient facility, HomePlace, is available.

Why choose The Hospice of East Texas?

The Hospice of East Texas is recognized as the region’s center of excellence in hospice care, having served patients and families in East Texas for more than thirty-five years. The Hospice of East Texas is nationally recognized as one of the Top 100 hospices in patient and family satisfaction based on DEYTA’s Family Evaluation of Hospice Care.

 When it is time to choose, choose the very best:  The Hospice of East Texas.