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Volunteer Overview

Volunteers are an integral part of The Hospice of East Texas team. They bring caring concern, comfort and compassion to patients and families and support the work of The Hospice of East Texas in countless ways. Volunteers serve throughout our 23-county service area, helping strangers, friends and neighbors with end-of-life care.

A variety of volunteer opportunities are available. You may elect to work directly with patients and families, help with administrative/clerical and support tasks or work with our bereavement team. The Hospice of East Texas volunteers can support our community engagement efforts as well as offer their unique gifts via music, art, or other specialties.

Volunteers are required to be 18 years of age and should wait a minimum of 12 months of losing a loved one to begin volunteering. We welcome volunteers from all over our 23-county service area and even have opportunities via our thrift stores in Nacogdoches and Henderson.

Some options for being a volunteer for The Hospice of East Texas:

Direct Patient Care and Support

Direct patient care volunteers provide companionship and emotional support to the patient and family, helping in the home or a facility, and offer companionship and/or respite time for the caregiver. Direct care volunteers can offer support to grieving families through telephone calls, notes or personal visits, and even translating information.

Administrative/Office: Volunteers assist in a variety of our offices by providing help with special projects, mailings and clerical support. Volunteers at The Hospice of East Texas staff the front desk at HomePlace, offering a welcoming smile and guidance to families and visitors. Volunteers help with our children’s bereavement program, our philanthropy office and other special events supporting the work of The Hospice of East Texas.

Soda Shoppe:  Now this is service with a smile! HOET has its very own Soda Shoppe where we offer our families and staff breakfast and lunch each day. No need to spend hours in the kitchen; all you need is to show up with a smile and serve those who come your way. Sign up for a shift that fits your schedule.

Soda Shoppe Hours – 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. M-F                                           11:30 – 1:30 p.m. M-F

Grounds/Outside Help:  One consistent theme we all hear about the HOET campus is regarding the sheer beauty of the property. That property takes quite a bit of upkeep so if you love working outside and gardening, come join us and help our grounds crew with upkeep and seasonal planting. Hours TBD as needed.

Medication and Supply Delivery:  Do you love to drive and help the HOET staff? As circumstances change in a patient’s condition, certain supplies and/or medications are needed sooner verses later. Rather than taking a home health aide or nurse away from their care of our patients, you can sign up to be ‘on call’ for a 4-hour period of the day and if a delivery needs to be made, HOET will call and off you can go!

Feeding the family:  If you love to cook or are simply willing to provide food for HOET events, this position is for you! From time to time, we have small gatherings on campus for which we provide food. Arrange this on your own or get with a group of your friends to provide a meal and nothing needs to be elaborate! Just good people providing good food.  

Hospice Shop Moving and Transportation:  Do you enjoy a drive along the countryside? HOET has 2 resale shops; one located in Henderson and one in Nacogdoches. From time to time, we need to clear the dock on the HOET campus into the trailer and then take the donations to one of the resale shops. HOET has our own truck and trailer – we simply need strong arms and an enjoyment of driving around town.

Special Events:  Throughout the year, HOET hosts special events and we could use help getting ready for said events. If you are a party planner at heart, sign up for this job and let’s have a great time planning!

Chamber of Commerce Presence:  HOET holds several Chamber memberships around the 23 counties we serve and having a presence in these areas is important. On a monthly basis, we need folks to keep track of chamber events and let us know what to add to our calendars.