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Make A Referral

How do you begin receiving services from Hospice of East Texas? 

Just call us at 903-266-3400 or 1-800-777-9860.

Anyone can refer someone to Hospice of East Texas. Most often, it is a doctor, social worker, discharge planner, case manager or other healthcare professional. The patient, family or friends can also request Hospice of East Texas services. The patient's doctor will be contacted to confirm the diagnosis and that hospice care is appropriate. Only after a physician gives  consent to hospice care will the patient be admitted. Hospice of East Texas staff members are sensitive to the concerns of those facing terminal illness. An appointment can be made for a staff member to meet directly with the patient and caregivers to discuss services to be provided in the home or an inpatient setting such as HomePlace, assess needs, outline coverage and answer questions.  

Hospice of East Texas services may begin immediately, or the patient may take some time to think about it.

If Hospice of East Texas care is desired, a nurse will assess physical needs, review medications and complete the required paperwork. The social worker and hospice chaplain may assess emotional, social, financial and spiritual needs.