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The Hospice Shops...
Henderson - Nacogdoches - Jacksonville

Visit The Hospice Shops in Henderson, Nacogdoches or Jacksonville where you can find great items for great prices for a great cause!  

The Hospice Shops are a busy hub of activity and an important part of Hospice of East Texas’ fundraising efforts.

Staffed primarily by volunteers, the shops proudly sell a variety of merchandise, from clothing to small appliances, dishes to art work; all of which is donated to Hospice by friends and supporters in the community. 

The Hospice Shops welcome your support – whether you are a donor, a shopper or a potential volunteer!

To shop or donate, we are located at:  

Shop hours:  Monday through Wednesday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

To volunteer at our shops:

Contact Judy Sharp at 903-657-5593