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Why Endowments Matter

Through our annual fundraising, the Hospice of East Texas is able to provide a vast array of services not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance reimbursement. Memorial gifts, annual gifts, grants and Light Up A Life gifts make some of our most important work possible – the chaplaincy program, bereavement services, coordination of our volunteer program and educational outreach to other medical providers.

The reality is that many of Hospice of East Texas’ annual funding sources are vulnerable and can change as the political and economic climate change, companies cut costs and individual and foundation giving are influenced by the national economic climate

Hospice of East Texas believes that the best way to remain effective financial stewards of community resources, to ride out economic and health care funding fluctuations and to more fully realize our mission is to build permanent endowment funds. The Hospice of East Texas Foundation was created to be the repository of endowment funds designated exclusively for the benefit of the programs and services of The Hospice of East Texas.

The endowment funds held in the Hospice of East Texas Foundation generate critical support each year to insure that Hospice of East Texas can care for all who need us, regardless of their financial situation. These resources also ensure that those programs which have no funding source, such as educational outreach to the community, on-going staff education and training, bereavement care, and the volunteer and chaplaincy programs will continue to benefit our patients and our communities.

Donors may create a named endowment in the Hospice of East Texas Foundation directed toward their area of special interest or make a contribution to the Hospice of East Texas General Endowment. All endowment funds are invested and managed by the Board of Directors the Hospice of East Texas Foundation. A portion of the earned income from endowments provides funds in perpetuity that can be focused within any one of Hospice of East Texas’ many services and programs.