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Hospice of East Texas 100

Hospice of East Texas is blessed by the support of many giving individuals like YOU.  Some of you are families who have personally experienced our extraordinary brand of care.  Some of you are community friends who are committed to the concept that EVERY patient deserves the care that only a nonprofit hospice is willing to provide. Whoever you are and whatever your gifts, we appreciate each and every one of YOU, and we are committed to offering many and varied ways for you to support the mission of Hospice of East Texas.

A new giving concept offers a way for YOU to make a substantial gift to Hospice of East Texas through monthly donations. 

Members of The Hospice of East Texas 100 give $100 each month to Hospice of East Texas, a regular monthly amount which totals a significant $1,200 each year.  Recurring gifts like this are a great help, spreading giving and its impact on the budget throughout the year. 

If you’d like to join other friends in membership in The Hospice of East Texas 100, complete the online giving form.  Please indicate the amount is $100 and that it is a recurring gift.  Then complete the rest of the form with your credit card information.  Click here to get started.  Thank you in advance for your support.