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35th Birthday Campaign

Hospice of East Texas
Thirty Fifth Birthday Campaign

A History of Extraordinary Care, Compassion and Commitment

For thirty five years, Hospice of East Texas has been the region’s center of excellence in hospice care.  Our reputation in the healthcare community is unmatched, our board leadership visionary, our staff and volunteers dedicated and committed, and the support of our community is generous.   

Since its inception, Hospice of East Texas has been committed to two significant principles:

On a day-to-day basis this commitment to our founding principles means that Hospice staff  need never be concerned about whether a patient can pay for their care.  This allows them to direct their professional energies and expertise to doing what is best for the patient and family in every way: medically, spiritually, and emotionally.  It also means that Hospice of East Texas offers a number of programs, such as an extensive bereavement program and a program serving the needs of dementia patients at the end of their lives, free of charge to patients and families.

Hospice of East Texas needs your support so that every East Texan in the years to come can receive the same extraordinary and compassionate care that Hospice of East Texas has been giving for thirty five years.  Your gift today helps secure the future of extraordinary end-of-life care for all East Texans.

Please help us celebrate this milestone birthday by making a gift today!  Click the image on the right for giving information.