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Miss Texana

Hello! I'm Miss Texana! I’ve been a volunteer for Hospice of East Texas since I was one year old…. so eleven years now!

I know it’s time to go to Hospice when I get a bath and a blow-dry and Crystal puts on one of my red outfits. I love to wear red, and I love to dress up! But even though I look like I’m going to a party, I know that going to visit patients at HomePlace is important, and I take it seriously.

Crystal tells people that since I was a puppy, I’ve been able to sense when people need me. Sometimes in a crowded room, I will just go to that person so they can pet me. At HomePlace, sometimes it’s a family member that I feel needs me to sit beside them. Sometimes it’s a staff person. Sometimes it’s a patient. Crystal will ask the patient if they want me to be with them and if they say yes, she will put me on their bed, and I will lay beside them for as long as they want me to.

Crystal takes good care of me, and I love her, but I don’t need her to do my work at Hospice. I just need her to drive me there!