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Teresa Ransom

This month my 17th year as a HOET employee has passed.  As you all know we are faced with many challenges, rewards, sadness, funnies, pretty much all kinds of emotions when working with families and patients of the terminally ill, especially in their own home environment.  I truly can’t see myself in any other line of work because I personally love it so much.  I wanted to share an experience I had at Sam’s last week on one of my days off that is a true reminder of the real difference we make to people. Sometimes, and I’m sure you all will agree, we just do our job, after all, it’s just our job right? 

As I was at Sam’s, looking at the clothes, searching for a new Christmas sweatshirt.  I found one  I liked and placed my hand on it, as I was about to search for my size in the large pile a lady standing close to me placed her hand on the same shirt and said to me, “Feel the inside of this shirt, it is so soft!” As I touched the inside of the shirt, about to agree, she placed her hand on mine causing me to look up at her. As soon as we made eye contact, I noticed she had tears in her eyes.  She said to me, “You don’t know who I am do you?”

As I searched my brain, I said, “I’m sorry, you look familiar but I can’t place where I have met you”, She said “You were the nurse that came out the first time when my son got admitted to hospice last year, you were the one, that took so much time with us and you made it happen! You answered questions, explained what was happening and what we were to expect, you taught us so much that day! My son was declining so fast, and you called it just like it was a movie, and it happened just like you said it would, but because of you (and all of you) at Hospice of East Texas who came to our home were wonderful, we were so comforted when you left us that day.  We were so distraught and exhausted, I didn’t get to really tell you how much we appreciated all you did.”

“You got the bed here, the meds changed, you went back to Tyler, picked them up and brought them back to us to make sure we had what we needed to make him comfortable, you made it all happen as fast as possible and took your time with us.  You have no idea what a difference you made to us that day, and I have had flashbacks so many times and you just have no Idea how much it really did for us.”

 She was crying, she grabbed me and hugged me, I began to cry, and as she thanked me again, I had no makeup left on my face! LOL, I thought wow, this is a pretty nice Christmas gift.  My point in sharing is not to get a pat on the back.  I know we all are thanked and rewarded by families all the time, but I just wanted to remind you all, what we do does not go unnoticed, especially by these families.  

Merry Christmas to you all, my Hospice of East Texas family, you all are amazing and I love you each so much!!!