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Missionary Rickey McClenton

I have been a volunteer with Hospice of East Texas for more than twenty years.

The Lord put it on my heart to volunteer as I visited relatives and church members who were patients at HomePlace. They were given loving and excellent care during their transition. I decided to volunteer with the hospitality team who provide families with meals and snacks as they visited with their loved ones. For years, I came on Sunday morning to push the snack cart around, and I loved visiting with the families. You know, they often stay with their loved ones for days at a time, not wanting to leave, and a snack and some coffee are real blessing to them. I hope to get back to that after Covid.

Whenever I get a nickel together, I send a little donation to Hospice in honor of relatives, family members and friends. Since I can’t volunteer in person now, I ask my friends and family to donate coffee and I take it to HomePlace so there will always be free coffee for the families. I believe every little bit helps.