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Rabbi Neal Katz

"When I first moved to Tyler nearly two decades ago, I spent a lot of time learning about the nonprofit organizations that my Beth El congregants were involved with. And I learned about the power of the Hospice of East Texas through the late Margo Adams and Ronnie Serber, among others. I reached out to see if there was anything I could do to contribute to their work.

I had the privilege of serving on both the Hospice boards for many years (the operating board and the Foundation board). As a Board member, I had a unique vantage point from which to observe Hospice of East Texas’ holy work.

- I've seen Hospice nurses, doctors, and caregivers collectively drive over 1.5 million miles on their cars each year visiting our patients all across East Texas.

- I witnessed the medical teams' expertise in ensuring quality of life.

- I saw the Hospice chaplains who met with patients and families during those trying times demonstrating the power of love and faith.

- I observed the HOET administration expertly running one of the country's most admired hospice organizations.

- And I've seen the East Texas community respond with love and support time and time again.

As Tyler's only non-profit hospice, I'm mindful that HOET goes above and above our insurance reimbursements to provide a greater level of care. But that is what the community wants and supports through donations and gifts of all kinds, especially the time of volunteers.

I am so proud to have served Hospice of East Texas during my tenure. I am thankful for this opportunity to celebrate their 40th year of service and love to East Texas. The work is hard, and it is sacred. We are blessed to have this resource in our own backyard."