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Paula Bates

“I love Hospice. It’s been my love for a very long time.”

“Hospice just changes you. After working alongside the doctors, nurses, chaplains, other volunteers, and seeing the wisdom and skills they impart to patients and families… well it changes you. I am a better person, more compassionate and more comfortable engaging in those tough conversations around death. Most of all, I find joy where I am, and I’m a better version of me.”

“When you help to start something, like I did Hospice of East Texas forty years ago, it’s kind of like your baby, and I’ve held on to it for so long. It’s come full circle for me. Hospice came to our home to help us care for my 93 year old mother in her last months. To watch those nurses’ aides and nurses and doctors and chaplains care for my precious mother touched me deeply. It was like my family caring for my family.”