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Durable Medical Equipment Team

Once a person has chosen to initiate Hospice of East Texas’ care, they and their family have access to an entire team of caregivers, covering all their needs. A vital part of that team includes our Durable Medical Equipment heroes. These guys are the muscles behind Hospice of East Texas and they are ‘there when you need them.’ Their ability to organize what each patient needs, deliver it and set it up correctly is a component rarely thought of, but vitally important to the comfort of our patients.

Hospice of East Texas chose to invest in our own medical equipment for one reason; it allows us to make our patients more comfortable in a quicker time frame. Having the ability to maintain this equipment on site also prevents us from being short of supplies. Our professionally trained durable medical equipment team knows what this service means to our families, and we are grateful to have this incredible group of gentlemen working with us.