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Margo Adams

We should live so that when we die

there will continue to be a light in our eyes

worth someone’s guarding…

…That a heart will be there for someone to remember…

There will be a mind worth recalling

And a tongue whose wisdom death does not still

Margo Adams was a part of Hospice of East Texas since before there was a Hospice of East Texas, and she was connected to our people and our mission for forty years, until her death in December 2021. Described by those who loved her as “a force of nature”, Margo was known for her commitment to her family, to Temple Beth El, and to the Tyler community where she left her heartprint on many causes she cared deeply about, among them Hospice of East Texas.

In Margo’s honor and memory, the Hospice of East Texas Foundation created the Margo Hirsch Adams Endowment Fund at the Foundation. This permanent fund will support the mission of Hospice of East Texas in perpetuity through annual distributions from its investment earnings.

Rabbi Neal Katz remarked at Margo’s memorial service, “Life is indeed precious, not because we have too much time, but because we do not have enough. It is hard to imagine a world without Margo’s vibrancy.”