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Laura Ferguson, M.D.

I learned at age 5 when my grandfather died that death was inevitable and irreversible. Then at age 7, when I first knew my grandmother had dementia, I understood that her time and life were equally valuable and her death was also inevitable. After her diagnosis, there were years of caring for her where I felt only my family was doing the caring. The world of medicine was not really there to help us. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a physician. Hospice is not just my job, it is integrated into my life, and my family led me here.

Hospice is focused on providing extraordinary care for those whom we cannot cure. It is recognizing that this final part of life, until death, should not be ignored or concealed but should be focused on and cherished. My goal is to provide hope and care when a patient and family feels hopeless and are exhausted and suffering.

Every person deserves the right to feel as good and do as well as possible until death and then to leave this earth peacefully. This unique part of medicine only exists because families open their homes and lives and allow us in to ask, “What are your hopes? What can we do for you?”