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Johnny Mankin

My Dad died from a cancerous, inoperable tumor in 1987. He was only 78 years old.

About six months prior to his death, his doctor suggested we have hospice come and help my mom. I did not know what hospice was or how to spell it!

The people from Hospice of East Texas came to the house and explained what they could do to help my parents. With my sister living in Lufkin and me in Waco, we could not come to Tyler but once or twice a week. My Mom was a very strong lady, but she needed help.

I remember standing on the porch of my parents’ home and talking with the people from Hospice. That was the beginning of an incredible relationship and appreciation for Hospice of East Texas that continues to this day.

The Hospice angels did it all… so that my Mom could continue caring for my Dad in their home. They shopped for my mom, bathed and shaved my Dad, changed his bed, the nurses came to care for him and brought medicines and supplies. My Mom could not have made it without the Hospice angels.

My family and I have been donors to Hospice of East Texas ever since, and we continue to be forever grateful for all they did. I give our Lord and Savior all the credit for placing us together, and I remain forever blessed by our relationship.