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India Jimison

As we close our week recognizing our Certified Nursing Assistants, India's story is like so many... the remarkable care her best friend received is why she joined the exceptional staff at Hospice of East Texas.

Nineteen years ago, my best friend was transported to Hospice of East Texas. She was admitted to Room 102 and when we arrived, we immediately noticed there was something different about this place. The atmosphere was different; there was simply something peaceful and loving about this place and we felt it.

That experience is what drew me to work with Hospice of East Texas and I have been blessed to continue coming to work here for the last 17 years. I believe God gives us all talents and God put it in me to be a caregiver. I know I am here for a reason and that reason is to love my patients through and through. I am so proud of my job at Hospice of East Texas.