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Gary and Cathy Gibbons

Gary: My mother passed away from breast cancer almost 25 years ago. At that time, little was known about hospice care, and what was known was often misunderstood. Frankly, most considered it a death sentence.

My mother was denied hospice care at that time by her physician in Dallas. This was a life changing event for my wife Cathy and me, and we both vowed to understand more about the future of hospice care - for my mother - and for others who were faced with her situation or anything similar.

Cathy: The death of my precious mother-in-law compelled me to begin researching hospice care which eventually led to me becoming a Hospice of East Texas volunteer for more than 18 years. I primarily focused my strength and energy on hospice patients in East Texas nursing homes, as well as at Hospice Home Place.

Gary: In 2012, I was honored to be asked by Hospice of East Texas to aid in the creation of The Hospice of East Texas 'LifeTimes' series -- recorded, private, personal interviews with hospice patients -- and I happily continue the production of that series today, which I pray brings much comfort to surviving family members.

Gary and Cathy: The Hospice of East Texas has redefined the definition of hospice care, and thousands of families have witnessed the wonderful, caring, giving mission of this remarkable non-profit organization. We thank you!

And: “You are welcome, Mom.”