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David Johnson

"Volunteering at Hospice every week is my way of giving back for what they did for my wife, Linda, who was a patient at HomePlace.

I enjoy working at the front desk of HomePlace. I want to do everything I can to make people feel comfortable and to let them know that if we can do anything for them, I want to do it. I know what it’s like to be where they are, to be sitting at the bedside of their loved one.

I’ve been an “insurance peddler” for 68 years, and I’m grateful to still have a hand in my business. I love people, and I love to have fun and make friends, and I decided a long time ago that being positive is a lot more fun than being negative.

I ask God every morning “What you got in store for me today?” And I’m grateful that at age 92 He still has things in store for me! I’m grateful that volunteering at Hospice is one of those things."