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Cammie Bedell

"With the anniversary of mom’s death approaching, I found myself praying a very selfish prayer. I asked God to let me help a family that would in turn help me. I know this is selfish, but He provided. This week I met a family that I could relate to so much.

It was not easy and there were understandably heated moments and harsh words as they were faced with such difficult decisions. Their mom was very close in age to my mom, so I understood their pain so well. I understood the pain of my questions and the pain in their answers. I shared this with them. They immediately began asking the “real questions”: How do we tell the grandkids? How do I accept this? The questions that don’t really have answers.

I spent so much time with them. Many visits were just to offer a hug or a hand on their shoulder. Their mom left this earth yesterday surrounded by her children and very comfortable. Last night I received the most amazing message from them, thanking me for my care, but the truth is they will never know how much they helped me. God provides!"